Visual identity + Logo design
Beats on the Streets is a family-friendly musical run in Downtown Surrey with music stations along the route, and a concert party at the finish line.

The Brief
I was tasked to rebrand the 
Surrey International Music Marathon and build the visual identity for its new spinoff, Beats on the Streets, from the ground up. The latter aims to engage a younger audience compared to the former’s mature audience of serious runners.

The Outcome
To engage a younger audience, the playful attitude of the event’s identity is expressed by further emphasizing the event's musical aspect, using modern sans serif typography, vibrant colour palette and the emotional connections that are personal to each colour. The materials created were: roll-up banners, flyers, sponsorship packages, newspaper ads, and web banners.

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event had to be cancelled but all of these designs were published throughout Surrey during the promotion of the event.