Design + Art direction + Photography
Tri is a minimalist, multi-purpose desk organizer made with pine wood and carbon fiber featuring a detachable charging dock station. 

The Brief
This project was designed for students at the 
School of Interactive Arts + Technology to create and develop a desk organizer for the school’s staff with an emphasis on wood as a primary material.

The Concept
In a team of three, we wanted to explore how an object can balance a minimalist aesthetic but still be function-driven to meet the needs of the target audience. This led to our primary objective to design a desk organizer that was clever and delightful in its interactions.

Material Selection
Material selection played a critical role in the overall design of the desk organizer. We chose pine wood and carbon fiber based on their complimenting properties and their ability to juxtapose one another. Pine wood is raw, light in colour and soft while carbon fiber is a composite material, has a dark pattern and stiff.